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If a specific piece of equipment is shown as unavailable, please contact us for a quote. The inventory status may not reflect actual availability.

Weight 40,929 lbs
HP 191
Bucket Capacity

4.3 yds3

Description Year Hours Location Status
RDLS,QC 2023 1642 Tri Cities, WA Rental Activated
RDLS,QC 2023 790 Kent, WA Rental Activated
3SPL,LSD, REFUSE PKG 2023 476 Portland, OR Branch Hold
RDLS,QC 2023 1365 Billings, MT Rental Activated
RDLS,QC 2023 425 Billings, MT Rental Activated
RDLS,3SPL,QC 2024 204 Spokane, WA Rental Activated
RDLS,3SPLMF,QC 2024 549 Kent, WA Rental Activated
RDLS,QC 2024 25 Spokane, WA Branch Hold
RDLS,QC,1920968 BKT 2019 3792 Kent, WA Rental Activated
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