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Green & Social Initiatives

Komatsu takes its responsibility as a steward of the earth and the environment very seriously.
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Komatsu’s Green & Social Initiatives

W88Liên kết đăng nhậpHybrid Excavator
The HB215LC-1 is a hybrid excavator that uses typically wasted energy to power its swing and boost its engine output while saving up to 30% of fuel consumption and emissions. The HB215LC-1 captures the energy produced during swing braking and stores it in an ultra-capacitor device. Unlike chemical batteries in other hybrid vehicles, the ultra-capacitor can immediately store energy and make it available for use.
W88Liên kết đăng nhậpTrolley
Electric mining trucks run diesel engines to produce electric power to drive their electric wheels. If you had an external power source that made ample inexpensive power, like a hydroelectric dam, could you utilize that power to run your mining trucks and save millions of dollars in fuel? That was the exact problem Komatsu engineers were asked to solve. And solve it they did, by creating trolley systems. At mines with very long uphill hauls, overhead trolley power lines were constructed that powered the mines’ trucks.
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Today, the average construction machine idles up to 30% of its operating time. This idle time wastes fuel, causes wear on the machine, racks up operating hours, and introduces thousands of tons of emissions unnecessarily into the environment. By reducing idle time, a machine operator can positively impact his company’s bottom line by reducing fuel consumption and turning idel machine hours into actual working, money-making hours.
W88Liên kết đăng nhậpTier 4 Interim
All construction equipment manufacturers must meet Tier 4 Interim Engine Requirements. But the technology each manufacturer uses to meet these requirements varies. At Komatsu, we took the approach that Tier 4 Interim technology should not hurt performance but reduce downtime to a minimum and be as seamless as possible for the operator. And we accomplish these goals through some unique, advanced technologies.
W88Liên kết đăng nhậpTier 4 Final
The Tier 4 Final solution builds on the Tier 4 Interim technology. Tier 4 Final adds Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR). SCR uses AdBlueR/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to reduce NOx by injecting the correct amount of DEF at the proper rate, decomposing NOx into non-toxic water (H2O) and nitrogen gas (N2).
W88Liên kết đăng nhậpRemanufacturing
Komatsu remanufactures used engines, transmissions, and other vital components (parts) of construction and mining equipment into pieces that have the same high quality as newly manufactured components.
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Our Locations

Modern Machinery serves customers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.
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